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"After I went to NYU Grad Film, I worked as an assistant cameraman for three really good cinematographers. Early on I assisted Pierre-Willie Glenn, who had photographed Truffaut's La Nuit Américaine (Day for Night). He taught me cinema vérite documentary - long before it became reality TV. Steven Fierberg went on to do lots of TV movies and HBO. He had this really polished approach and from him I got the importance of putting a light in exactly the right place. Richard Robertson has won two Academy Awards for his Cinematography. He showed me the importance of imagination and being bold, being willing to try something new. Of course all three demanded technical perfection".

Pale in your shadow
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Kent Moorhead


Director of Photography

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What the Old Man Told Me
The first thing in any camera work is communication. I want to find out what the producer or director wants and needs. I like news and documentary cinema vérité because you have to move quickly - while figuring out what's going on so you can get the camera into the right spot. It's demanding and tough work, but it's also a lot of fun. If it's a drama and there's a special look I need to create, that's another approach, and I have a lot of experience with lighting, filters and lenses".


Above: Kent Moorhead Camera Reel. Press play arrow to begin. To see it in HD on youtube, click here.




"Photographing both documentary and drama makes me better as a cameraman. I've learned to work with all kinds of lights and all kinds of situations as a result. I've used cheap IKEA paper lanterns to light a scene and at other times I've worked with a complete grip truck and a full HMI light package. It all depends on what look the film needs while factoring in the available budget. I've done shoots where I had both a crane and dolly for the camera, and other times when I sat in a wheelchair with a hand-held camera to fake a dolly. It's easier to work with a real dolly, but you don't always have the money to solve a problem the easy way".
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Pale running 4
Pale running 5
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Above, clockwise: Red Dawns, What the Old Man Told Me, Tjejer på stan, The Eulogy. Click on mouseover to open video in new window.
Brices Crossroads
Adventures in Pizza
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Morgan Freeman
Standing on my sisters shoulders

Left to right:
Adventures in Pizza

The Battle of Brices Crossroads

Morgan Freeman Ole Miss Ad

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Left to right:
The Most Segregated Hour

Mississippi Remembers WWII

Standing on My Sister's Shoulder (webpage on click)

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Kent Moorhead worked for these DOPs in the 1980's.
He was first assistant cameraman for Robert Richardson & Steven Fierberg; 2nd assist. for Pierre William Glenn:

Robert Richardson
winner of academy awards for JFK and The Aviator
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Pierre William Glenn
French cameraman
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Steven Fierberg
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Front image: Kent Moorhead filmming for Standing on My Sisters' Shoulders
Rollover image: Kent Moorhead checking shot for Pale in Your Shadow, with scenes from film.

1) Idrottslyftet (eng: Sports Program). Internet documentary about a youth sports program in the suburbs of Stockholm. Director: Linus Söderling.
Camera & editing: Kent Moorhead
2) What the Old Man Told Me. Cary Hudson Music Video. Director: Thad Lee. Director of Photography: Kent Moorhead
3) Tjejer på stan: Kaysa (eng: Girls on the Town: Kaysa). SVT, Swedish TV documentary. Director: Eva Brenckert. Camera: Kent Moorhead. Editing: Kent Moorhead & Eva Brenckert
4) Om Karlek: Calle (eng: About Love: Calle). SVT, Swedish TV documentary. Director: Eva Brenckert. Cinematographer: Kent Moorhead. Editing: Kent Moorhead & Eva Brenckert
5) Building Blocks. Mississippi Public Broadcasting documentary. Director: Dan Klein & Ed Ellington. Director of Photography for these clips: Kent Moorhead
6) Free For All. Feature documentary. Director: John Ennis. Producer: Richard Perez. Camera for these clips: Kent Moorhead
7) The Eulogy. Canadian TV drama. Directed by John Kozak. Director of Photography: Kent Moorhead