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Forever Young Productions, LLC is now Passage Film, Inc.

Kent Moorhead learned filmmaking at NYU in the late '70s. But he also has a deep knowledge of the South: the past and the present, its richness and its problems. Its people. And its history.

He makes films about Civil Rights & the Civil War. Films about education and economic development. Films about religion and segregation. And about integration & diversity.

He has been a cameraman and editor for over thirty years; he works in both these positions for other filmakers in the US and also in Europe.

Kent Moorhead has traveled extensively and now lives in Sweden for much of the year -- which is why there's a Swedish translation of this page. But he always comes back to the South; Forever Young Productions is based in Oxford, Mississippi.

While this site is still active, only the home page is still being updated. We recommend you also look at - the new website for Passage Film, Inc.


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Kent Moorhead was both cinematographer and editor for these two Swedish documentaries. To the left is "Kaysa: tjejer på Stan" (Kaysa: girls on the town), which was broadcast on SVT, Swedish public television in 2010. To the right is a wrestling scene from Idrottslyftet (Sports Initiative), which told the story of a successful teenage sports program in a Stockholm suburb.
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Kent Moorhead

In US: 662-816-7253

In Europe call:  +468 64 47 885
Europe mobile:   +46 762 34 35 69



The black artillerymen of the 12th United States Colored Heavy Artillery fire an authentic Civil War cannon for the documentary, "Rather Die a Freeman Than Live a Slave", which is showing at the Crossroads Film Festival on April 14th at 5:30 pm. See the promotional clip below.


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